How do I sell on BargainTime?

BargainTime only ever shows products for sale on other websites, such as eBay, so you can't directly sell on BargainTime.

How do I signup?

At present BargainTime doesn't offer user accounts, this may change in the future, but will always be optional.

What does it cost to use BargainTime?

As BargainTime earns commission when people buy from the websites we link to we have no need to charge for our search tools, so don't worry about it!

Why aren't the items I'm selling on eBay showing up?

We only show items which are likely to be a great deal, with a focus on auction items, so your items are unlikely to show up and often that's a good thing!

I've made an incorrect bid, what should I do?

We can't help directly, so you must follow eBay's &quote;retract bid&quote; process as soon as possible.

I bid on a local item, but the seller won't let me collect, what should I do?

Bidding is subject to eBay's rules, you should read the listing carefully, if the listing says you can collect then you're likely in a good position if you raise a dispute using the Resolution Centre.

The Local Search says my postcode is wrong, what's happening?

This is likely because you have the wrong country selected. It is also possible that you have entered a letter 'o' instead of the number '0', or some similar substitution.

I'm getting no results, what's happening?

Double-check any spellings. If it's a local search try increasing the search distance. If you have any price filters try increasing the maximum price.

Why are the distances to items wrong?

Distances are approximate and based on &quote;as the crow flies&quote;, so the distance by road will almost always be different.

Why isn't my question answered here?

If you have a question which we've not already answered, please get in touch, and we'll be happy to help!